• Has your business lost productivity due to computer problems?

    • Do you know how much your downtime is costing your company in lost productivity?

    • 50% of businesses who experience disasters are out of business that year; 90% of businesses within 2years. 

  • Can you afford to let this happen to you?  


Technology's goal to make your work place more efficient has not become a reality with many businesses.  Computers and the networks supporting them have become increasing more complicated.  Technical staff are hard to recruit and have become considerable more product specific.  Computer technology promise to improve the efficiency of the workplace has left management at the mercy of technical staff, environmental problems, service interruptions, hackers and virus.  Computer systems are filled with years of clutter and software upgrades that are reducing reliability and increasing instability in the workplace.
Consider Teal's workstation support.  We will maintain your workstations, PCs and servers for a fixed monthly fee.  When new software is released we will coordinate upgrades with your company for a nominal fee.  



TealTec's Gold Level Services

TealTec will survey your current hardware environment and bring operating systems and primary Microsoft products to agreed version levels.  Our trained technicians will protect your site with necessary firewall and virus detection software.  

TealTec will provide 24x7 help desk support for your desktop systems and dispatch a service technician to resolve any problem not corrected within contracted timelines.

TealTec will provide on site services for your desktops within 4 hours of the call.  We will trouble shoot your problems and restore your workstations to working order.



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