Desktop Services

 Software and hardware supporting desktop, servers, and network systems continue to change.  TealTec management programs will establish management standards and advise your organization on the planning of properly timed upgrades.  At properly timed intervals we will plan schedule and upgrade your systems.  Users will also be train to ensure successful upgrades.  This will keep your business systems and business operating at high levels of reliability, efficiency, and availability. 

Being first on the block and in a production mode with new software are not necessarily the best goals.  However, sometimes upgrades are required by business,  necessary because of functionality or required to maintain compatibility with customers or vendors, in that case TealTec will be there to support your organization.  

Software systems include:

 black dotWord processing software
black dot Spreadsheet
black dot Database
black dot Virus detection
black dotOperating systems

  • Hardware systems include:

    black dot PC upgrades and replacements
    black dot Server upgrades and replacements
    black dot Office and Printing System

    black dot Desktop Virtulization

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