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It's about understanding your business and then creating a web presence that will achieve your e-business objectives.  The web site prepared by TealTec Technology Services will communicate your products and services to your  customers, through a professional blend of graphic art and technology. 

E-business processes continues to evolve and flourish as a constant stream of new technology advances allow ever increasing functionality and capability.   It's about transforming traditional business into e-business.

Your website is a major part of your interface to customers, partners and
employees. Therefore it must be done right, with e-business principles behind it.

Our team of industry experts, comprised of business, marketing, design and development consultants, will work diligently with you to ensure that your vision is carried out, so that your image is recognized as the major force in e-commerce!

E-Technology Tools

Our tool chest includes many powerful and innovated options.  We will work with your company to identify and select the right solution for your business.

Black DotStreaming video
Black DotJava, CGI 

Black DotJava Script
Black DotAudio
Black DotMicrosoft Development

Black DotHTML5
Black DotDreamweaver

Black DotOracle or Sequel Server
Black DotApplication Infrastructure

Black DotProviders (AIP)
Black DotFlash

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