Incourcing Outsourcing 

Insourcing / Outsourcing is a decision that requires an understanding of your current operations.   What are the gains expected by outsourcing?

The conversion of your technology services from a services department to an Insourcing model will provide your organization with many new advantages. Your organization with understand the technology costs of each department. It will provide your corporate management with information allowing operating budgets to be refined and managed.

Either direction must be monitored and reviewed for service quality and achievement of the goals or contractual obligations agreed to provide by the Outsourcer. 

TealTec Services can help your company identify the current cost structure as your firm begins negotiation with an Outsourcing service provider.  Our years of experience will help your organization achieve expected goals.

Acting as partners with your leadership team we can provide council and real life experience as your organization proceeds down its desired path.


TealTec will help your team understand the Cost of your Information technology Operation

  • labor cost by function
  • platform cost
  • network usage
  • cost allocation
  • cloud processing
  • Service Level Agreements

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