Infrastructure Services

The promise of Technology is to improve the efficiency of business processes.  This goal can be realized if your systems operate reliability and efficiently.  The challenge is the requirements of hardware and software continue to change and with each cycle it tends to becomes more complex.  The support of internal technical staff can be both expensive and difficult for small to medium sized businesses.  

Maintaining trained staff can be even more troublesome and turnover resets the progress of work in progress.  As a result, you waste valuable time worrying about the overwhelming and constantly changing technologies that are required to run your business daily.

By allowing TealTec Technology to maintain your networks, operating systems, firewalls, and wiring infrastructure you can concentrate on the business of your business.  TealTec is your single-source office technology management partner.  Through our standards, management and business support, we will ensure a smooth running office and in the event a problem materialized, we will dispatch trained technicians to find, repair and restore these systems.  

E-Infrastructure includes all of your hardware, software, voice/data communications, high speed Internet access and encompasses all security and hardware components of your network environment. 

TealTec provides as part of our monthly service ongoing maintenance and support for hardware and network components.  Our services include:

black dot Email systems
black dot Web servers
black dot Calendaring systems
black dot Firewalls
black dot Network wiring
black dot Hubs, routers and switches
black dot Telecommunication systems
black dot Proxy systems
black dot Custom Work Stations
black dot Voice systems
black dot Custom Servers
black dot Software
black dot Wiring Components
black dot Software management
black dot Video conferencing
black dot O
ffsite backup
black dot Disaster recovery
black dot Cooling and UPS Power Audits
black dot Internet access
black dot COBIT Reviews
black dot



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